Poppin ambassador program

What is the Poppin Ambassador Program?

The Poppin ambassador program is a way for Poppin customers to earn their businesses a free Poppin subscription by sharing their specially created, specifically coded link with their network.

How does it work?

When a business signs up for Poppin, they are provided a special link, available in their Poppin dashboard. Poppin account holders are encouraged to share this link with their direct and indirect networks, along with an explanation of what Poppin is and why it is so great for businesses to have, use, and promote.

When someone clicks through these special links, they are directed to the Poppin website (https://poppinvideo.com), and a cookie is set in their browser. Whenever someone registers for their own Poppin account within 180 days after clicking through a special ambassador link, they are given their first month free of charge.

Whenever 3 or more accounts are active that have come through a Poppin ambassador’s special link, that subscription will be upgraded to a free status as long as at least 3 of those referred accounts stay active. If the number of active ‘referred accounts’ drops below 3, the subscription will resume it’s normal price and charge date, displayed on the Billing page of the Poppin dashboard.

How do I sign up?

The Poppin ambassador program is currently only available to current Poppin customers. Poppin accounts are automatically enrolled in the ambassador program upon registration of their account, regardless of their chosen Poppin plan.

Their link can be found on the side navigation bar of the Poppin dashboard.