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Your customer visits your website and clicks a button to start a Poppin Video call right from the page.

Your staff has logged into either the Apple or Android app on their phones which rings when a Poppin call is started by your customer.

They can then answer that call, have a video call with the customer and either answer questions about  products/services, do a consultation, or conduct a sales conversation.

Once the call is complete, your staff can enter in notes about the call and other details such as whether a sale occurred and for how much.

When the video call is ended on the customer’s side, they are asked to rate the call on 5 stars.

The account admin can login into the dashboard and view call detail records and many other statistics regarding the Poppin calls made from your website.

We’ve made additional packs of minutes available that you can easily add-on as needed from the dashboard at any time.

These packs are one-time purchases that are kept separate from your monthly minutes and carry over from month to month indefinitely.

The minutes included in these packs never expire, and are only used as needed (ie: once you’ve used all the minutes included in your monthly plan)

At Poppin HQ, we do not believe in locking our customers into something they’re not happy with.

We believe in providing such an exceptional customer experience that our customers never dream of leaving us – but of course you’re free to cancel at any time with no hard feelings.

As many as you like, no extra charges. Just add or remove them as you wish from within the Poppin dashboard.

All you really need to use Poppin is a website. Poppin is a great way for service-based and e-commerce businesses to connect with their customers.

Poppin lets you take them by their virtual hand, answer all their questions and concerns, and direct them to the products or services that they need.

If you have a physical storefront, it’s a great opportunity to show them physical products remotely, but it’s also a great opportunity to have one-on-one face-to-face consultations even if you don’t have a physical location.

The Poppin apps (that your staff will use to answer) work on all current and recent Apple and Android devices.

Your customers don’t need an app or to install anything – they just need to be on your website. Poppin is supported on all major modern browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Brave, etc. and on all common browsing devices (desktop, mobile, tablet, etc.)

Poppin will not be supported in older versions of Microsoft IE (but will work in their replacement product Edge), and due to limitations imposed by Apple, on their devices Poppin is only supported using the iOS Safari browser (no third-party browsers like Chrome, for example)

To be clear, Poppin will only appear on your website if it is supported in the browser being used, so if your customer sees it, it will work.

We built Poppin with privacy in mind from the start. We want your customers to feel safe using this service and we want their privacy to actually be protected as well.

As a result, we do not collect or store any personally identifiable information about your customers.

All Poppin calls are fully end-to-end encrypted between the customers browser to your staff’s mobile phone.

We take this stuff seriously.

Poppin has a really neat feature where you can print a QR code and put it in front of a parking spot.

When customers scan that QR code using their phone’s camera, it loads your site and starts a Poppin call, sending over the parking spot number encoded in the QR code.

This gives your staff the opportunity to take their order and bring it right to their car.

It’s great for restaurants and retail shops.

It’s like having a drive-thru without a drive-thru!

The short answer is: almost certainly.

We’ve tested Poppin on most every major website platforms, like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla etc. and it always works great!

In order for Poppin to work, your site is required to have what’s known as an SSL certificate (ie: supports https) installed. They’ve recently become free and extremely easy to install, and they let your customers know that your site is secure, as is Poppin.

The customer visiting your website also needs to be doing so from a device with a mic & camera, otherwise the Poppin button will not appear for them.

If for whatever reason you encounter any issues getting Poppin to work or look good on your site, we guarantee our support engineers will get it working for you within 72 hours or less of contacting us.

Simply put, we want you to know we’ve got your back.

That’s why we put together a top-notch white glove on-boarding support team to get you up and poppin’.

Just reach out if you have any issues at all, and we’ll take care of ya 😉

If a Poppin call is not answered within the time set by you in the dashboard, they’ll be notified that no one is available at the moment and it will be marked as a missed call in the call detail records.

Simply add their email address within the Poppin Dashboard.

That’s it!

They’ll receive an invitation email with a link to download the Poppin app and login using a password they create. Once they’re logged in they’ll be set to receive calls on that device, according to the group and/or location you can optionally assign them to.

No problem, they can mute or unmute their video feed at any time as they choose, before or during the Poppin Call.

Yes, of course. Currently they can continue to browse through your site in a separate tab or window while connected to your staff on a Poppin call, as long as the tab with the active Poppin call is not closed or reloaded..

We’re currently developing updates to allow for navigation within the same tab.